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Hearing Solutions - Heritage Pointe - 1441 Guthrie Drive, NW, Suite 104 - Cleveland, Tennessee 37311 - 423-508-9553 • Email: tdhearwell@gmail.com
Hearing consulting, evaluations and solutions by Tom Reese, HIS.

What Our Patients Say...

I have known Tom Reese for several years. We worked in the same Sunday School Department. He knew I wore hearing aids and I knew he was a hearing aid specialist. Not once did he make a comment about he brand I was wearing, or suggest I should consider his company.

One day, sitting to my left, Tom said something I didn't hear or respond to. He said, "You don't hear from your left ear." I responded, "Not really. I don't even waste a battery on it because the aid doesn't make a difference." He at that point, suggested I make an appointment to be tested. More than anything, I think Tom saw my problem as a challenge to give me a better quality of hearing.

The tests Tom performed were more extensive than any of my previous three. When he looked at the graphs, he said he was certain his hearing aids could restore a level of sound, so I agreed.

I can testify that the new Starkey hearing aids have made a great difference in my hearing!

Here's just a few differences I've experienced...

  1. I had not answered the phone, using my left ear in years. I now use either to answer the phone.
  2. With three other brands, I had to open the battery chamber first before saying "hello", in order to avoid the squealing sound.
  3. I had stopped watching TV movies because of missing dialogue.
  4. People can now hug closer to my ear without hearing sound from the aid.

I am so happy that Tom introduced me to Starkey products and his services. Even the appearance of the new aid looks more technologically advanced. Thanks Tom!

Isabel McFadden


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1441 Guthrie Drive, NW, Suite 104
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Email: tdhearwell@gmail.com

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